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Webinar: Chartered Accountants & G100 – Integrating Nature Disclosures

In this insightful webinar, we delve into the critical need for finance professionals to embrace and integrate nature-related disclosures into their financial decision-making processes. Join

Event Wrap-Up: G100 Members Networking Dinner for 2024

Our first G100 Members Networking Dinner for 2024 was held this Wednesday evening at Deloitte, Sydney and was hugely successful. It was great to see

CFO Live 2023 – Navigating economic uncertainty

Crown Melbourne | Tuesday November 28, 2023 In a slowing economy, pressure continues to mount on CFOs to reduce costs, boost productivity and manage risk

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Media Release: Diversity in finance sector

MEDIA RELEASE 4 July 2023 Report identifies path to achieve gender diversity in the finance sector A major report released today shows that while the

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Net Zero from commitment to pathway

Webinar Artefacts PB x G100 Net Zero Stocktake A4S x G100 Session on Net Zero Presentation File Many organisations have committed to moving towards net

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CFO Live in association with G100

CFO Live Panel | Treasury strategy to meet economic conditions and critical risks head on. It has been a difficult time for #MelbourneAirports, #GeorgeWestonFoods and

Parliamentary Engagement Day 01

Parliamentary Engagement Day

On Wednesday (23.11.22) the Group of 100 held our annual Political Engagement Day. We again took members to Canberra to meet with the Government and

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Political Engagement Day, June Board Meeting & Membersā€™ Dinner

Due to the Federal Election being held at the end of May, we have decided to postpone the Political Engagement Day, Board Meeting and membersā€™

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July Board Meeting and Membersā€™ Dinner

It has been decided to hold the next Board Meeting and Membersā€™ Dinner on 14 July in Sydney as a result of postponing the June

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AGM and Board Meeting

Earlier this month the G100 held its AGM. At this meeting we farewelled Andrew Porter and Leah Weckert as they stepped down from the Board.


Work has begun with A4S.  A series of webinars and workshops are being finalised which will start being rolling out in the next month.  The

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Working Group is undertaking a research project to determine what best practise D&I initiatives are relevant to finance functions. The