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Who we are

Since 1982

The Group of 100 (G100) is the business association representing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance executives in Australia. We actively engage with all stakeholders interested in producing good public policy, a better business climate and improved working conditions. We are doing this by creating a vibrant network to exchange and develop the best business thinking to shape business outcomes and foster the CFOs of tomorrow.

Who we represent

Our members, and the major enterprises they represent, are drawn from the public and private sectors of the economy. Many of our members’ operations are global in reach and influence. At a time of increasing business regulation, it is important we put forward our vision for an efficient, financially well managed and growth oriented economy for Australia.

Australia’s leading CFOs and senior finance executives from many sectors including:

  • ASX 200 companies
  • Large private companies
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Professional accounting bodies
  • Professional services networks

Our Focus Areas

The G100 is a purpose-led organisation, underpinned by three focus areas, represented by the three points of the G100 triangle logo.



Building a vibrant network to exchange and develop the best business thinking



Shaping the business context



Fostering the CFOs of tomorrow

G100 Triangle - Top
G100 Triangle - Left
G100 Triangle - Right

Our Approach

Proactively contribute on a business-to-business and a business-to-government level.

G100 contributes on matters affecting business regulation, financial reporting, corporate governance, capital markets, taxation and financial management.


G100 is an active participant on the following:

  • Financial Reporting Council
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council
  • Business Coalition for Tax Reform
  • ASIC Auditing & Accounting Committee


Representation on these bodies is drawn from the Directors of the Board of the Group of 100’s and from people in member organisations with specialist expertise. The G100 also co-operates with other established bodies to develop and promote initiatives directed at growing Australian business and the nation.

Research, develop and issue position papers on key subjects.

The Group of 100 aims to sustain Australia’s reputation as an important destination for capital investment.


The Group of 100 will focus on the following key issues:

  • Reducing the regulatory burden on business to improve productivity
  • Simplifying company reporting to the investment community
  • Accelerating reform of the nation‚Äôs taxation regime
  • Actively monitoring and advising on the effective operation of debt and equity markets ‚Äď promoting effective communication with shareholders and stakeholders.

Professional development of CFOs and senior financial executive

To conduct an ongoing and innovative program of initiatives aimed at supporting the professional development of CFOs and senior financial executives through financial innovation, thought leadership initiatives, and peer support through its influential national network.