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The Group of 100 (G100) is the business association and advocacy body representing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance executives in Australia. Collectively we strive to create a better business environment for tomorrow.

We are doing this by creating a vibrant network to exchange and develop the best business thinking to shape business outcomes and fostering the CFOs of tomorrow. For more information on G100 and our activities click here.

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A vibrant network to exchange and develop the best business thinking, offering networking opportunities, tailored training, one-on-one peer support.

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CFO's Company

Shaping the business context working closely with our stakeholders through government relations, collecting and utilising data, preparing submissions and developing new approaches to issues.

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CFO's team

Fostering the CFOs of tomorrow by offering tailored training, mentoring opportunities, peer networking and joining Board Sub-committees for further development.

Join today's leading CFOs creating better businesses for tomorrow

Group of 100 is the most influential, valued and sought-after member organisation for CFOs.


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Webinar: Chartered Accountants & G100 – Integrating Nature Disclosures

In this insightful webinar, we delve into the critical need for finance professionals to embrace and integrate nature-related disclosures into their financial decision-making processes. Join

Event Wrap-Up: G100 Members Networking Dinner for 2024

Our first G100 Members Networking Dinner for 2024 was held this Wednesday evening at Deloitte, Sydney and was hugely successful. It was great to see

CFO Live 2023 – Navigating economic uncertainty

Crown Melbourne | Tuesday November 28, 2023 In a slowing economy, pressure continues to mount on CFOs to reduce costs, boost productivity and manage risk

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Media Release: Diversity in finance sector

MEDIA RELEASE 4 July 2023 Report identifies path to achieve gender diversity in the finance sector A major report released today shows that while the

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