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Net Zero from commitment to pathway

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PB x G100 Net Zero Stocktake

A4S x G100 Session on Net Zero Presentation File

Many organisations have committed to moving towards net zero. It is however becoming clear that formulating pathways and understanding the subsequent implications on their respective strategic planning, business models and operations are proving challenging.

Organisations will also be required to disclose these action plans as part of their broader reporting, which would require a common set of definitions to support broader understanding and providing useful information to a range of stakeholders.

CFOs and their finance teams are ideally placed to provide substance to net zero commitments through dedicated performance measurement, data analysis and reporting. A thorough understanding of the subject matter and disclosure requirements would therefore be of paramount importance.

In this session you will gain insight on how organisations are providing substance to their net zero commitments and what good disclosures look like.

The discussion will be led by industry leaders and will cover:

  • Clarifying Net Zero taxonomies and definitions
  • Data requirements and potential challenges in the Australian context
  • Feedback from preparers and assurers on what good disclosure looks like.

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