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Mentoring Program

The Group of 100 offers members the opportunity to take part in the mentorship program as mentor and to put senior staff forward as a mentee.

We believe mentorship is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth and we are committed to providing the team of our members with the opportunity to connect with experienced CFOs who can help foster the CFOs of tomorrow.

Our program is designed to match mentees with CFO mentors who have relevant experience.  With regular 1:1 meetings, mentors provide personalised guidance and support to assist mentees achieve their goals, navigate challenges and develop new skills.

Mentorship is a two-way street – both mentors and mentees can benefit for the experience.  Mentors have the opportunity to give back to the industry, share their experience and further develop their leadership skills.  Mentees can gain valuable insights, build their network and accelerate their learning.

We encourage all members to consider becoming involved and consider who in their teams would benefit.  To indicate interest, please complete the provided form.