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Political Engagement Day – Canberra 23 June

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Thirty-five people attended the Political Engagement Day and Dinner.  It was a fascinating day, members were able to get a lot of time with the Treasurer, Shadow Treasurer, Finance Minister and other Cabinet Ministers.  Having the opportunity to discuss key policy issues such as class actions, online reporting, paying back the debt and the vaccine roll out, as well as hearing of their concerns is not something afforded many groups.

As Tania Archibald, CFO of BlueScope, said of the day: “It was a very worthwhile event.  Really valuable having quality discussions with key policy decision makers.  They listened to our perspectives and counsel, and I think it’s fair to say the Group of 100 is accepted as a trusted adviser”.

We look forward to hosting more members in Canberra again next year which is likely to be soon after the next election.

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