Benefits of Membership

The Group of 100 (G100) is a business association and advocacy body representing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance executives of companies from a variety of sectors: ASX listed companies, private companies, education institutions, accounting firms, banking institutions and super funds.

Benefits of G100 membership

The Group of 100 (G100) is a business association and advocacy body representing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance executives of companies from a variety of sectors: ASX listed companies, private companies, education institutions, accounting firms, banking institutions and superannuation funds and the key accountancy accreditation bodies. 

As an apolitical association, the G100 sits in the “sensible centre” and works for the benefit of member companies and all Australians. We actively engage with all stakeholders interested in producing good public policy, a better business climate and improved working conditions.

Our purpose is to help today’s leading CFOs and senior finance executives in creating better businesses for tomorrow. We are doing do this by building a vibrant network in order to exchange ideas and develop the best business thinking, shaping the business context and fostering the CFOs of tomorrow.

Our commitment is highlighted by our three Strategic Pillars represented by the three points of the G100 logo:

  • for the CFO – a vibrant network to exchange and develop the best business thinking by offering networking opportunities, working groups, tailored training and one on one peer support; 
  • for the Company – shaping the business context working closely with our stakeholders through government relations, submissions, publications, surveys, reports, and
  • for the finance team – fostering the CFOs of tomorrow by offering tailored training and peer support. 

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Ongoing activity

  • We continue to raise issues with key stakeholders including politicians at the Federal and State levels taking on a variety of issues from taxation reform, capital markets issues, external reporting, sustainability; cutting red tape, unwarranted legal action, proxy advisers, consensus, future of the profession, FBT and harmonisation of regulation and legislation between states.
  • We continue to engage with all political parties on behalf of member companies throughout Australia.
  • We hold extensive briefings with key politicians for members of the Group of 100 including an ‘Annual Political Engagement Day’ with key federal politicians in Canberra and tailored events with key state politicians.
  • We continue to hold regular meetings with regulators where we discuss issues such as approaches to reporting and taxation.
  • We continue our engagement with the media offering comment on crucial issues where appropriate. We have partnered with the AFR on the G100 Congress, which will be held in November this year.
  • We have five working groups looking at critical issues of concern to business and particular to the CFO and the CFOs team. This not only provides valuable input into politicians and regulators thinking, but it also enables members to offer their teams networking opportunities and to get involved in policy work.

The G100 membership includes:


  • Events
    Six times a year the G100 holds dinners with guest speakers, on topics relevant to the work we are doing, providing networking opportunities for CFOs and their senior staff.
  • Peer support luncheons
    We organise intimate business networking lunches in partnership with Russell Reynolds, and Civic Financial Communication to discuss issues of concern to CFOs. They offer excellent opportunities to seek counsel and bounce ideas off peers.
  • Biennial Congress
    Every two years, the G100 holds a significant industry congress that canvases the issues of greatest concern to finance professionals. The congress provides several benefits to the participants: information sharing, networking, and training for CFOs and their teams.
  • Board meetings
    All members are invited to attend the six annual board meetings. It is at these meetings that issues are debated, and strategy agreed.


  • Federal politician briefing
    Once a year, a full-day meeting is held in Canberra, in the Parliament House, where MPs with Treasury and Finance responsibilities come and meet with our members for 30 minutes at a time. A senior MP is the guest speaker at the dinner organised on the same evening. This opportunity allows senior managers to network with colleagues and to better understand what politicians are doing and why.
  • State Government breakfasts
    We have found that it is easier to engage with State Ministers and Shadow Ministers over breakfasts. These boardroom style functions are designed to engage CFOs with Premiers and State Treasurers and their Shadows on issues of concern.


  • EY/G100 First 100 Days Program
    This program is run on two levels – first for CFOs so they can refine their skills. The second level is for senior finance executives, so they better understand what the CFOs team should focus on while assisting the CFO with succession planning. 


  • Working Groups
    The working groups are designed to look at existing issues as well as potential problems that are emerging and impact the business.
    Member companies are encouraged to nominate staff to sit on these groups. They provide networking opportunities, peer support and the chance to work on industry-wide issues for the benefit of strengthening the business.
    • Taxation; 
    • Capital Markets; 
    • Sustainability; 
    • Future of the Profession;
    • External Reporting; and 
    • Leadership and Diversity (soon to be launched).