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Australia is preparing for the post coronavirus crisis environment by reviewing numerous policies. This process is creating a significant opportunity for organisations like the Group of 100 (G100) to work with the Government in order to update regulations that will assist the country in becoming more competitive. 

As an apolitical association, the G100 sits in the “sensible centre” and worked for the benefit of member companies and all Australians.

This year, areas of focus include further initiatives to cut red tape; dealing with cross border issues, so Australia can finally harmonise regulations between states as well as working closely with the Federal Government in areas such as OH&S and IR. 

By continuing to liaise with politicians of all sides of parliament, the G100 is offering insight to unintended consequences, to talk to regulators about issues such as audit and reporting when key staff are working remotely and much more.  

To be truly effective, we would like to hear from you, our members, to ensure we put your issues in front of governments and regulators. Often the issues can be sensitive and organisation can’t approach the Government directly, but the G100 can do so on behalf of its members and for the good of the nation.

So far this year, we have been already advocating on issues such as:

  • liquidity;
  • impairment;
  • regulation of audit;
  • internal audit and reporting in a ‘COVID-19’ world;
  • issues around JobKeeper; and
  • D&O insurance/class actions.

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