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G100 Melbourne Members Dinner

Unpacking COP26 and Pathways to Net Zero 
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G100 virtual forum COP 26: Implications for the finance and accounting profession

A briefing for the finance and accounting profession organised by the G100 Sustainability Committee. This will be the fourth and final forum for 2021.
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Climate Change Law and Governance Conference

How do businesses and their professional advisers connect the dots between climate science, climate public policy, insurance, climate risk governance, and an understanding of climate reporting and legal obligations?
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G100 Virtual Forum on Sustainable Finance: latest trends, resources, and challenges

The Group of 100 (G100) is delighted to invite you and members of your team to the G100’s virtual forum on Sustainable Finance: latest trends, resources and challenges. This forum has been organised by the G100’s Sustainability working group.
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Insurance for Organisations in the Current Environment

From bushfires and floods to class actions and a global pandemic, an ongoing string of environmental, legal and health crises in Australia has caused insurance premiums to rise.
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Future of Work – Remote working and impacts on future of the finance function

COVID-19 is changing the way we work.  As we continue to experience snap and extended lockdowns, businesses are working through a constantly changing environment and dealing with the impact this has on their finance teams and the culture of remote working.
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G100 together with Satori Group: PTRS – Are You Meeting Your Regulatory Obligations?

It is now seven months since the Government introduced the Payment Times Reporting Scheme.  Many members have questions about the scheme and have noted issues and inconsistencies.
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CFO Women Unplugged

This topic is of critical importance to all those working in finance.  A recent survey from Oliver Wyman points out that women represent just 20% of the financial sector worldwide. The percentage is higher on entry-level, but it drops when we look at the rate of women in leadership positions (C-level).
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G100 Virtual Forum on Introducing the VRF: Completing the System to Assess, Manage & Communicate Value

Group of 100 Members are invited to the upcoming G100 Virtual Forum on Introducing the VRF: Completing the System to Assess, Manage and Communicate Value organised by the G100 Sustainability Committee and the Business Reporting Leaders Forum (BRLF).  This will be one of our series of G100 Virtual Roundtables over 2021 on Corporate Reporting and ESG.
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Post-Budget Seminar in conjunction with the Corporate Taxpayers Association

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G100 and PwC Webcast | Future of the Profession – The Journey to Finance Transformation

The G100 and PwC are running a series of events designed to help organisations understand how to transform their finance functions by embracing new technologies, leveraging data and embedding new ways of working.
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G100 and CA ANZ Webcast | The Payment Times Reporting Scheme – Are you ready to report?

The PTR scheme commenced on 1 January 2021 and requires large businesses with an annual total income of over $100m to report their payment terms and practices for their small business suppliers on a bi-annual basis.