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Climate Change Law and Governance Conference


From 9:00 am

At Webinar

How do businesses and their professional advisers connect the dots between climate science, climate public policy, insurance, climate risk governance, and an understanding of climate reporting and legal obligations?

To assist you, Legalwise Seminars invites the Group of 100 to participate in its first ever Climate Change Law and Governance Conference Think Global Act Local on 17 November 2021.  An extraordinary panel of experts will step through the climate narrative that is transforming doing business in Australia.

To view the details of the full program and to register please click here: Climate Change Conference

Climate Litigation
CFOs should be aware of a rapidly changing situation in relation to climate change litigation. Overseas we’ve seen headlines like “climate change litigation rattles companies and shareholders”.
In the past month strategically placed and well-funded actions have been filed against two major ASX companies, Commonwealth Bank and Santos.

The litigation trend coming out of Europe now touches all areas of commercial law well beyond environmental and planning law.

Governance & Greenwashing
Our message is that no corporation is going to be exempt from climate related scrutiny. That has been acknowledged by the AICD in its commitment to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and its recent launch of its Climate Governance Initiative to its broad membership across the public, private, government and NGO sectors.  Cathie Armour ASIC Commissioner has indicated that “greenwashing” in ESG reports is an area of focus for the regulator.  Care needs to be taken not to embellish environmental credentials to investors focused on the transition to net zero.  Directors have duties to act in the best interest of the company with the obligation to exercise a reasonable not an average standard of due care and diligence.

Climate Change Risks & Legal Obligations for Companies & Directors
In April this year Noel Hutley Senior Counsel and Sebastian Hartford-Davis Barrister, who are presenting at the Conference, identified “greenwashing” as a likely legal problem for companies and directors.  It’s not the law that has changed.  Engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct, as a basis for litigation under the consumer law, has been around for a long time.  So have the duties of directors to act in the best interests of the company with the obligation to exercise due care and diligence – the standard of care being that of a reasonable not an average director.
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from both these counsel and experienced company directors about what “greenwashing” means for all businesses.  Other sessions step you through how insurance is identifying and pricing climate risk, the key elements of sustainable finance and reporting, what is the lawyers checklist and importantly a deep dive into the major cases here in Australia and internationally.

These experts will help you and your teams join the dots as you prepare to “future proof” your businesses:

  • Martijn Wilder AM Founding Partner Pollination Group
  • Hon Matt Kean MP Minister for Energy and Environment NSW
  • Patrick Suckling, Senior Partner Pollination Group, former Australian Ambassador for the Environment
  • Peter Cheesman, Head of APAC Analytics Reinsurance Solutions Aon
  • Patty Akopiantz, Co-Founder Assembly Climate Capital
  • Noel Hutley SC Fifth Floor St James’ Hall
  • Sebastian Hartford David, Banco Chambers
  • Travers McLeod, CEO Centre for Policy Development
  • Holly Kramer, Non-Executive Director Woolworths
  • Alison Ewings, Head of Engagement Regnan
  • Marissa Rossi, ESG Investor & Sustainable Equities Portfolio Manager
  • Zoe Whitton, Executive Director Pollination Group
  • Michael Bowan, General Counsel & Company Secretary Essential Energy
  • Nick Ridehalgh, Director, Lead Better Business Reporting, CFO Advisory KPMG
  • Terence Jeyaretnam, Partner EY Climate Change & Sustainability Services & Senior Advisor Australia SASB, representing the G100
  • Sarah Barker, Partner & Head of Climate Risk Governance Minter Ellison, co-author AICD Climate Governance Guide
  • Andrew Gray, General Counsel Aon Benfield APAC, Associate General Counsel ARS Global
  • David Bennett AC QC, 5 Wentworth, former Commonwealth Solicitor-General 
  • Ilona Millar, Partner and Head of Global Climate Change Practice BakerMcKenzie
  • Elisa de Wit, Partner Norton Rose Fulbright.