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Two years ago I took on the role of Chair of the Group of 100 (G100) thinking we would be dealing with issues in much the same way as we have in the past.  I thought we would hold half a dozen in-person events and several webinars dealing with important issues for the profession.  No one could have predicted the amount of disruption we would go through with the pandemic.  Of course it impacted the way we all did business, but for an industry association the ‘pivot’ was critical and had to happen quickly.

We focussed on the big issues, not only staying relevant, but we pushed issues; we offered access to vital information; met more often virtually; held more briefings; hosted more discussions with key stakeholders; we welcomed new members; and reached more people.

This year we held over 20 webinars, we were able to take advantage of brief windows that opened between lockdowns allowing us to start the year with a dinner function in Sydney, hold our Annual Parliamentary Engagement Day and dinner in Canberra in June, dinner functions in Melbourne and Sydney and finishing off holding CFO Live with the AFR this month.

This is my final editorial; I step down now as my two-year term as Chair of the G100 comes to an end.  I would like to thank the G100 Board for all their support, particularly the two Deputy Chairs, Martyn Roberts and Lawrie Tremaine, and our Immediate Past Chair Andrew Porter.

Thank you all for staying the course with us and for staying involved.  As mentioned in my end of year message last year, we have adapted and again we are in a stronger position.

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