Speaker: Wayne Sadin

G100 together with Oracle webinar: The Metaverse – Why CFOs need to care and how CFOs can lead companies there with special guest Wayne Sadin, for a fascinating and, potentially for CFOs, a game changing discussion.

His current interests include:

  • Board IT governance, especially the ‘Qualified Technology Expert’ Director
  • Driving Digital Transformation: Reimagining culture, products, processes, and customer/employee experiences
  • ‘Augmented Employees’ that combine AI (‘Augmented, not ‘Artificial’ Intelligence), robotics (‘Augmented Muscles’), and AR (‘Augmented Reality’) to make workers smarter, stronger, faster, safer, and more productive)
  • Rethinking IT culture, processes, structure to support Digital Transformation (Cloud (especially SaaS ERP/CRM/EHR), Agile, RPA, DevOps, No-Code ‘Citizen Developers’)


  • BS in Business Administration & Computer Science (dual degree) (Boston University);
  • MS in Management of Technology (University of Texas);
  • National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) ‘Certified Director’
  • ‘Delivering Information Services’ program at Harvard Business School;
  • ‘Cybersecurity: Technology, Application & Policy’ program at MIT;
  • Named a ‘Board Governance Fellow’ by the National Association of Corporate Directors;
  • ‘Qualified Technology Expert’ Director certification from Digital Directors Network;
  • ‘Cybersecurity Oversight’ Director certification from NACD/Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
  • Member of the FBI’s Infragard program, an FBI/private sector alliance for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Computerworld named him a ‘Premier 100 IT Leader’ and an Honors Program’ Laureate.’ He is a ‘Top 100 CIO,’ one of ’21 CIOs to Follow on Twitter,’ a ‘Cloud Global Power 100 Influencer,’ and a ‘Cloud Top 100 Influencer.’ In 2020 he was named #2 on the new ‘IT Leader Power 100’ global list.

In 2018 Wayne began a monthly video column for Cloud Wars titled ‘Sadin on Digital’ that explored technology issues of importance to C-Suites & Boards. In 2021 Cloud Wars merged with Acceleration Economy, and Wayne was asked to write a monthly ‘Tech From the Top Down’ column and serve as an Analyst covering C-Suite/Board issues, IT Governance, Industry Clouds, Cybersecurity, and the Metaverse.

Contact Wayne at wayne_sadin@msn.com, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/waynesadin, and at LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/waynesadin