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The last Business Networking Lunch of 2019 was well attended

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This year Group of 100 (G100), in partnership with Sundaram Business Services and Civic Financial Communications, hosted a series of business networking and information events. The last lunch of the year was held in Melbourne in the Lady Nelson Room at Vue de Monde Restaurant and was well attended.

The guest speaker for the day was the former Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner. He is widely regarded as one of the Government’s strongest economic thinkers and highly respected by industry leaders and economic analysts.

Mr Tanner’s vast experience includes transport, communications, infrastructure, finance, manufacturing, health insurance and, government. His diverse expertise covers areas of economics, environmental issues, social relationships, media and international politics.

Sundaram Business Services is a global Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) provider based in Chennai, India. It has a strong track record of processing transactions for clients and providing back-office support for companies across the world.

Civic Financial Communications is an investor relation and financial communications agency that provides strategic advice, for listed Australian companies, private businesses and industry bodies.

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