Working Groups

The five working groups are producing some excellent research and providing important information for members, particularly via webinars.  A quick reminder – the working groups are made up of CFO team members.  The working groups offer the opportunity for senior members of a CFO’s team to engage in work outside the company and provide the opportunity to network with peers.  If you have members of your team you think would benefit from joining a working group, we have opportunities available please contact Louise at in the first instance.  The following are key issues each working group is looking at:

Future of the Profession

  • Digitisation of the finance function
  • Emerging skills gaps and reskilling
  • New technologies and leveraging data

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Examining the characteristics of diversity – not only focussing on gender
  • Research to identify and understand the barriers
  • Key drivers for diversity and inclusion, looking closely at companies who have implemented policies that are working

Taxation Reform

  • Corporate residency
  • Share scheme rules
  • Asset rollover relief


  • Sustainable finance roadmap for energy standards
  • Speed of transition to low emissions economy
  • Renewed work with A4S

External Reporting

  • Audit quality and rotation
  • Payment Times Reporting Scheme
  • Issues with Power Purchase Agreements