So far this year 17 online events have been held and another 10 are either scheduled or are in planning.  Upcoming webinars include:

  •   8 October – Insurance for Organisations in the Current Environment;
  • 17 November – Climate Change Reporting;
  • 24 November – G100 Board Meeting;
  • 24 November – G100 Dinner Function (if no lockdowns EY is hosting this event in Melbourne);
  • 25 November – Continuous Control Monitoring;
  • TBA November – Webinar with the Federal Opposition; and
  • 6 December – CFO Live (likely to be a hybrid event).

In addition the following are being finalised:

  • A Non-Financial Reporting webinar; and
  • A series of webinars on cybersecurity, ransom attacks, latest uses for the cloud with Oracle.