Webinar – Introducing the VRF: Completing the System to Assess, Manage and Communicate Value – 24 June 8.30am-10.00am AEST

This webinar is the next in our series of G100 Virtual Roundtables on Corporate Reporting and ESG.  This one is being put on by the G100’s Sustainability Working Group in association with the Business Reporting Leaders Forum (BRLF).

The Value Reporting Foundation (VRF) is the result of the recent merger of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Janine Guillot, CEO of the VRF (formerly CEO of SASB), and Michael Bray, Director of Global Accounting Relationships for the VRF, will discuss how the VRF can help business and investors develop a shared understanding of value and how it is created, preserved, or eroded.  Please respond by Friday, 18 June to Karen Goulet on Karen.Goulet@au.ey.com or phone 03 9288 8908.  The link for the webinar will be sent out on RSVP.