September News

As spring arrives, many members and their teams are still dealing with extended lockdowns and while they are necessary, everyone is looking forward to meeting again in person. While the Board meeting on 2 September went ahead online, it was necessary t … Continued


So far this year 17 online events have been held and another 10 are either scheduled or are in planning.  Upcoming webinars include:   8 October – Insurance for Organisations in the Current Environment;17 November – Climate Change Report … Continued

Working Groups

The five working groups are producing some excellent research and providing important information for members, particularly via webinars.  A quick reminder – the working groups are made up of CFO team members.  The working groups offer the opportunity … Continued

Political Engagement Day Canberra

As already noted in previous editions, the meetings in June with the six Cabinet Ministers, two Shadow Ministers and three Committee Chairs have already delivered benefits, as we have been asked for assistance and advice on employee share scheme implem … Continued

CFO Live Sydney

CFO Live has been launched and members have been sent an email from the CEO with instructions on how to access a special 20% discount on their attendance fee.  The event is being held on 6 December in Sydney for members and their teams.  As you know, C … Continued

Climate Change Law and Governance

The G100 has been invited to participate in a conference on Climate Change Law and Governance to be held on 17 November in Sydney.  Terence Jeyaretnam, the Head of the G100 Sustainability Working Group will be representing the G100 on a panel discussin … Continued

Inquiry into Treasury Laws Amendment Bill

As mentioned earlier, the share market disclosure laws will be permanently changed after the Federal Government’s share market disclosure reforms were passed by the Parliament on Monday 9 August. As a result, companies and directors will be liable for … Continued

Employee Share Schemes

On Monday 23 August, the House of Representative Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue tabled its report on employee share schemes.  Thanks to the G100 Taxation Reform Working Group for pursuing this issue. Highlights of the report include: remova … Continued