May Group Scoop 2020

Group Scoop | From Chair of the Group of 100, Janelle Hopkins


In the past months we have seen the Australian governments working harder together to ensure our people stay safe and that they manage the economy as carefully as possible. It is, therefore, incumbent on all of us to follow this example, and do what we can to protect our people, our organisations and the economy.

The G100 had its AGM recently and continues to have regular board meetings. Four CFOs stepped down from the Board earlier in the year: Deputy Chair & Director Mark McNamara and Directors: Anne Flanagan, Ramy Aziz and Pam Bains. On behalf of all members and the Board, I would like to thank them and acknowledge the hard work they undertook to support the G100 be successful. At the AGM last week, nominations were received for the vacant Board positions, and I am pleased to announce that Tania Archibald, Leah Weckert, Jeremy Robson and Shannon McMahon have been elected to the Board as a result.

In times like these, an association like the G100 needs to listen carefully to members’ issues and concerns, ensuring any revised policy settings are helping steer the country in the right direction so companies can navigate their way through the pandemic. Whilst in this COVID world, there is a significant opportunity to work with the Government to change regulations that will make Australia more competitive in the future. In this regard, we are working on initiatives to cut red tape and on cross border issues so we can finally harmonise regulations between states and with the Federal Government in areas such as OH&S and IR.

As mentioned in my last update to members, the G100’s April Dinner planned for Brisbane was postponed, but we still plan to hold a Brisbane function later in the year. The Political Engagement Day will proceed as planned, but be held later in the year, as the Parliament is not sitting again until August. You will agree it is critical to hear from key politicians at this time. The AFR Live Congress, held in association with the Australian Financial Review is still set to proceed as scheduled, at the end of the year. It was a big success, and we are keen to continue to get the voice of Australia’s leading CFO’s into the spotlight.

The G100 is finalising a series of webinars which will be available to members. These will include panel sessions with ASIC on reporting and audit; politicians will be giving their views on the pandemic and how we are to come out of it; opportunities to cut red tape; cybersecurity; and much more.

As always, if you have any issues, you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Stephen or me. The Board will continue to meet regularly, and I will continue to provide you with updates.