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The Group of 100 (G100) Working Groups are designed to look at existing issues as well as potential problems that are emerging and impact the business. 

The G100 Working Groups are made up of senior financial executives, members of CFOs’ team. Participating in the G100 Working Groups provide networking opportunities, peer support and the chance to work on industry-wide issues for the benefit of strengthening the business.

Recently, the G100 has changed the way the G100 Working Groups operate and report. Each working group now has a member of the G100 Board sponsoring them, taking responsibility for ensuring the Board considers issues on behalf of members. 

The G100 encourages members to consider having senior finance team staff to get involved by contacting the G100 secretariat.

The working group heads and Board sponsors follow:

  • External Reporting
    Board Member Sponsor – Julie Cleary (KPMG)
    Working Group Head – Simon Cammell (Australia Post)
  • Tax Reform
    Board Member Sponsor – Andrew Porter (AFIC)
    Working Group Head – Marc Lewis (Woodside)
  • Sustainability
    Board Member Sponsor – Matt Honey (EY)
    Working Group Head – Terence Jeyaretnam (EY)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (looking for new members)
    Board Member Sponsor – Martyn Roberts (Ramsay Health Group)
    Working Group Head – (TBA)
  • Capital Markets (looking for new members)
    Board Member Sponsor – Lawrie Tremaine (Origin Energy)
    Working Group Head – Barry Van Der Merwe (Orica)
  • Future of the Profession (looking for new members)
    Board Member Sponsor – Kristin Stubbins (PwC)
    Working Group Head – Sam Lobley (PwC)

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