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Technology is completely transforming how we think, feel and work. That’s why CPA Congress has evolved. At this year’s event, delegates are invited to immerse themselves in technology and to discover the extraordinary ways the digital world can work for them.

G100 CPA Congress Banner
G100 CPA Congress Banner

Hear from technology experts, get insights from other businesses who are leading the way, and embrace the opportunities of Business as Unusual.

As a special offer, the Group of 100 (G100) members receive a 20% discount when purchasing CPA Congress experience days to the sessions in October. To take advantage of this G100 discount, e-mail [email protected]

This year’s CPA Congress focuses on two main themes:

Accounting for The Robots

Many routine accounting tasks will be fully automated using AI-based technologies, which will disrupt the accounting profession. Seeing the opportunity that comes from artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic process automation, and understanding the future skills needed in the finance roles is key to a smooth transition.

The Future of Digital Money

The digitisation of money will increasingly blur the distinction between money and data. The opportunities are limitless, but the obstacles to creating, managing and regulating digital forms of capital are critical to consider. Demystifying the world of digital currency and tokens will prepare financial professionals for its impact on businesses.

CPA Congress is a global event taking place in seven Australian cities plus New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and London, giving G100 members ample opportunities to attend. The first event starts in Perth between 7 – 9 October, followed closely by Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide. For the full list of CPA Congress details, visit the website.

The speakers’ list is composed of leading experts in the technology fields and include keynote speakers: Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square and Founder and CEO of Invisibly; Nathana ‘O’Brien Sharma, Faculty at Singularity University; Tane Hunter, Big Data Scientist and Cancer Researcher; Professor Ian Williamson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce at Victoria Business School in Wellington, NZ; and Dr. Angus Hervey, a Political Economist.

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