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G100 holds 26th Annual General Meeting

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The Group of 100 (G100) held its 26th Annual General Meeting via Video-Conference on Wednesday, 15 April 2020. Janelle Hopkins, Chair of the G100 and CFO of REA Group, took the opportunity to reflect on the G100’s activity, outline future goals and to recognise those who had contributed to the year’s success.

Janelle noted the significant contribution of the “Big 4” accounting firms, EY, PwC, KPMG and Deloitte, particularly their hosting of the G100 events last year. She also thanked John Leotta, G100’s Public Officer, for his work on the accounts and to the Board Directors for giving their time and effort to the G100.

Also of note was the contribution of the heads of the working groups, Janelle noted that “This is a vital role in providing feedback and guidance to important policy and practice areas.”

Four CFOs stepped down from the Board earlier in the year: Deputy Chair & Director Mark McNamara and Directors: Anne Flanagan, Ramy Aziz and Pam Bains. Janelle took the opportunity on behalf of all members to acknowledge the hard work they undertook to support the G100. 

Nominations for the vacant Board positions had been received prior to the meeting. Tania Archibald, CFO BlueScope Steel; Leah Weckert, CFO Coles Group; Jeremy Robson, Group CFO Suncorp Group and Shannon McMahon, Deputy CFO ANZ Group, were elected to the Board as a result.

The current G100 Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Janelle Hopkins, CFO REA Group (Chair)
  • Lawrie Tremaine, CFO Origin Energy (Deputy Chair)
  • Martyn Roberts, CFO Ramsay Health Care Limited (Deputy Chair)
  • Andrew Porter, CFO AFIC Ltd (Immediate Past Chair)
  • John Leotta, Partner Deloitte
  • Kristin Stubbins, Partner PwC
  • Julie Cleary, Partner KPMG
  • Matt Honey, Partner EY
  • Tania Archibald, CFO BlueScope Steel
  •  Vanessa Hudson, Group CFO Qantas
  •  Shannon McMahon, Deputy CFO ANZ Group
  •  Colin Pavlovich, CFO Navitas
  •  Leah Weckert, CFO Coles Group
  •  Jeremy Robson, Group CFO Suncorp Group
  •  Stephen Woodhill, CEO & Executive Director G100

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