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G100 Corporate Reporting & SASB virtual forum seriesĀ 

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The Group of 100 (G100) launched the first of this year’s new series of Virtual Forums focused on Corporate Reporting & SASB. The first event took place on June 5, the World Environment Day, and was organised in collaboration with SASB, CA ANZ and CPAA and was hosted by EY.

The first Virtual Forum introduced the SASB organisation, its motto of “connecting businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability”, its governance, an overview of the use of the standards globally and future directions including touching on climate risk, which was G100’s key conversation topic in 2019.

The Forum was moderated by Terence Jeyaretnam of the G100 Sustainability Committee. It had involved a joint presentation by Neil Stewart, Director of Corporate Outreach for SASB and Matthew Welch, President and COO the SASB Foundation introduction of SASB.

Andrew Porter, CFO AFIC & G100 Immediate Past Chair, gave an opening note, and David Atkin, CEO of Cbus, shared his thoughts on SASB.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious to CFOs and to business leaders that ESG reporting is now expected by our shareholders, by our investors, and by our regulators as well as the society as a whole. It’s very important for us to be able to understand what is expected and what is the best and easiest way to get there and to meet those expectations. Thank you to EY, to the Chartered Accountants and the CPA for their role in what I think is an extremely important topic.” Mr Porter said.

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