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G100 attended the CPA Congress sessions and VIP Networking Drinks with Red Bull Vice President

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The G100 attended the CPA Australia‚Äôs Melbourne Congress sessions and the VIP Networking event following the CPA Congress in Melbourne, on 15 October at Crown Casino.

At the VIP Networking event Tomasz Nowakowski, Vice President Finance – Red Bull Distribution Company further discussed on the CPA Congress session he presented ‚ÄúCase Study: High-Performance Teams ‚Äď responding to the challenges of digital transformation‚ÄĚ.

Tomasz said that in today’s competitive environment finance teams face constant pressure to be faster, more efficient, insightful and accurate. Integrated ERP systems, digitalisation of information and RPA deployments have all contributed to increased quality and speed of the traditional back office. To remain relevant as business partners, we must keep evolving.

Tomasz talked about building high-performance teams. How looking for different skills, the right mindset, and learning from non-business experts (e.g. sports psychologists, professional athletes) help organisations be successful in the era of digital transformation.

The CPA Congress events take place in all the major Australian cities as well as in New Zealand, giving the G100 member companies plenty of opportunities to attend. The first event took place in Perth, followed by events in Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide. For a list of all the remaining events of the CPA Congress, please visit the dedicated website.

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