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Established in 1982, the G100’s purpose is to assist leading CFOs create better businesses for tomorrow.
Part of our value preposition is a diverse event calendar we offer to our members free of charge every year. Some of the events we organise are: 

Peer support/networking lunches/dinners

The G100 offers peer support and opportunities for CFOs to network at senior levels. Regular functions are held throughout the year, including dinners, with guest speakers relevant to the work we are doing. These are well attended and provide networking opportunities for CFOs. 

Board meetings 

Board meetings are held five times a year. All members are invited to attend, it is at these meetings that issues are debated and strategy agreed. There are opportunities for members to get involved as Directors of the Board and help development policy and campaigns. As a Registered Australian Business, the G100 has D&O insurance in place for Directors. 

Political Engagement Day and Dinner 

One G100 meeting each year is held in Canberra, it goes for much of the day in Parliament House. Senior Members of Parliament with Treasury and Finance responsibilities come and meet with us for 30 minutes at a time. A senior Cabinet Minister or Shadow Cabinet Minister is then the guest speaker at a dinner that evening. Again, this allows members to network with peers but also to better understand what politicians are doing and why. Members find this of considerable benefit. Meetings this year included briefings from several Cabinet Ministers including the Treasurer and with the Shadow Treasurer. 

Annual Conference 

Every year the G100 holds a major industry congress that canvasses the issues of greatest concern to finance professionals. For the first time in 2019, the congress was held in conjunction with the Australian Financial Review newspaper. The congress had over 200 guests and the presentations were featured over several pages in the paper. The Congress is part information sharing, part networking and part training for CFOs and their teams. 

Regional bodies functions

The G100 has set up regional bodies of the G100 in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. These will ensure that CFOs (and their teams) not in Melbourne or Sydney are able to get more direct access to networking opportunities, regular local functions, training as well as giving all CFO’s better access to state governments. 

State Governments engagements

The G100 engages with key State Government Ministers several times a year, usually over breakfast meetings. These boardroom style functions are designed so CFOs are able to engage with Premiers and State Treasurers on issues of concern, but also importantly to ensure that the G100 and its’ members are ‘trusted advisers’ in our quest for better public policy development. 

Key Dates:

Tuesday 25 February Board Meeting (pm) Melbourne

Tuesday 25 February Members Dinner (pm) Melbourne

Tuesday 14 April Members Dinner (pm) Brisbane 

Wednesday 15 April Board Meeting (am) Brisbane 

Wednesday 17 June Annual Federal Political Engagement Day Canberra 

Wednesday 17 June Board Meeting (pm) Canberra 

Wednesday 17 June Members Dinner (pm) Canberra 

Thursday 27 August Board Meeting (pm) Melbourne

Thursday 27 August Members Dinner (pm) Melbourne

Wednesday 28 October CFO Live G100 Congress Sydney 

Wednesday 28 October CFO of the Year Awards Dinner Sydney 

Thursday 12 November Board Meeting (pm) Sydney 

Thursday 12 November Members Dinner Sydney 

Invitations and further details on upcoming G100 events will be sent via email to all members.

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