Group of 100 Congress in association with the AFR

Date : 7 November 2019

Location : Sydney, Sydney

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The Australian Financial Review is proud to announce CFO Live, the definitive new event
for Australia’s top finance professionals.
Presented in association with the Group of 100, this one-day symposium will bring
together the nation’s top CFOs to discuss how, amidst a welter of regulatory, political,
social and competitive pressures, they can drive value in companies – and create better
businesses for the future.

Date: Wednesday 7 November 2019
Venue: Hilton Sydney, 488 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


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The event will be curated, moderated and covered by the Financial Review’s best business
journalists, with an eye to shedding new light on the operational and strategic realities of
Australian business, and amplifying the critical voices of CFOs in broader business debate.