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World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) 2018 Sydney


Members of the G100 are invited to take advantage of the unique opportunity the World Congress of Accountants provides both individually and for your teams. This global event will provide the opportunity to not only network with peers from around the world, but to share and debate insights and hear some of the world’s contemporary thought leaders cover topics relevant to business and personal development needs. It is forty‑six years since the WCOA was last held in Australia and it is likely to be a long time before it returns.



Why you should attend WCOA 2018 Sydney

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More than 6,000 delegates from 130 countries will experience the WCOA this November in Sydney. It will be four days of thought provoking sessions that will include speakers such as:

  • Ban Ki-moon;
  • Sir Ken Robinson;
  • Sri Mulyani Indrawati; and
  • Brian Forde.

The sessions will be run in traditional and non-traditional formats. It is hoped they will assist in shaping views on what is coming next for the future of the accounting and finance profession.

In short the Congress will provide delegates with the opportunity to:

  • Learn, adapt and accelerate their careers through our technology enabled curated conference experience;
  • Ignite new business opportunities via thought leadership, turning ideas into solutions, and shaping the future of the profession;
  • Inspire their teams to respond to global change;
  • Discover answers to the tough questions on defining the purpose of the profession, alongside best practice, practical applications of the trends which are impacting accountants right now, and what all this means in 2019 and beyond;
  • Gain unprecedented access to the world’s most influential speakers, leading brands and professional accounting organisations from across the globe; and
  • Explore the most innovative technologies supporting finance teams across more than fifty exhibits, expo presentations, activity and chillout zones, and barista coffee lounges.

WCOA 2018 will be held against the backdrop of a rapidly changing economic and political landscape. This is the forum where the future direction of our profession will be interrogated, reimagined, and reformed.