About The Group of 100

The G100’s purpose is today’s leading CFOs creating better businesses for tomorrow. To this end the G100 works to ensure that Australia’s commercial and regulatory environment is one which advances the interests of Australian business and which encourages private and public enterprises to grow and compete in today’s highly competitive environment.

Challenges for Corporate Australia

The Group of 100 will focus on the following key issues:

  • Reducing the regulatory burden on business to improve productivity
  • Simplifying company reporting to the investment community
  • Accelerating reform of the nation’s taxation regime
  • Actively monitoring and advising on the effective operation of debt and equity markets – promoting effective communication with shareholders and stakeholders.

Australia’s peak body for CFOs and senior finance executives

Established in 1982, the Group of 100 views its role as one which actively contributes to the development and delivery of good policy at the national level, particularly as it applies to business regulation, governance, financial reporting, taxation and capital markets.

Our members and the major enterprises they represent are drawn from the public and private sectors of the economy. Many of our members are global in their operations, reach and influence.

At a time of significantly increasing business regulation and the complexity which follows, it is important that we seek, with others, to put forward our vision for an efficient, financially well managed and growth orientated economy.

In delivering our mission, the G100 has been an active participant on advisory committees of the Federal Government and its agencies. In this way our members contribute to policy formulation directed at ensuring Australia is competitive internationally and is well equipped to be a significant player globally and in the high growth region of Asia.

A network of influence

Through its specialist working groups and members, the G100 works collaboratively with Government, its agencies and other bodies to ensure that key issues which impact on business and economic efficiency are on the national agenda. For example, the G100 is an active participant on the following:

  • Financial Reporting Council
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council
  • Business Coalition for Tax Reform
  • ASIC Auditing & Accounting Committee

Representation on these bodies is drawn from the Directors of the Board of the Group of 100’s and from people in member organisations with specialist expertise.

The G100 also co-operates with other established bodies to develop and promote initiatives directed at growing Australian business and the nation. It maintains active engagement with these organisations:

Financial Leadership

A key role of the Group of 100 is the research and development of strategies and practices which ensure our members are leaders in financial management. It does this by maintaining close working relationships with other national business organisations and conducting joint activities and forums on key business issues. Importantly, it also co-ordinates the development of leading edge guidance covering such areas as financial reporting, risk management and carbon pricing.

The G100 conducts an ongoing and innovative program of initiatives aimed at supporting the professional development of CFOs and senior financial executives through financial innovation, thought leadership initiatives, both strategic and technical, and peer support through its influential national network.